Who We Are
We are Bob and Mary Krauski. Over the years we have had many employees, helpers and influences, too many to name here. But we are the core of the business, Krauski Art Glass. We have been at work full time making glass art since the early 70’s.

Bob is the central figure of three generations of glass making expertise. His Dad, Tony was a glass painter and our son, Peter is a glazier employed by Oakbrook Esser Studio. Bob does the glazing here, however he is best known for his sand-blasting abilities. He has been blasting for 30 years and has thoroughly mastered the skill. He is also willing to tackle new and interesting techniques, some of which he invented.
Bob Krauski at Riveredge Nature Center
Bob Krauski at River Edge Nature Center Exhibition

Mary does a great deal of the design work, some of the crafting and much of the communication. One of her major skills is the ability to discuss and to hear what a client is looking for and to help interpret that into a reality. She has a vast knowledge of stained glass and is an able glass cutter and colorist.

Our web designer is Diane Barton, who also does a significant amount of designing, has been working with us almost since the beginning. She is the technological wizard behind much of what goes on, and an able and experienced artist.

What We Do

We are equally adept in the design and construction of stained glass and sand carved projects. We often like to use the two in combination.

We have made windows, skylights, awards and signage.
Occasionally we make a piece of art for our own pleasure.
What has kept us in business for almost 40 years is our ability to adapt to different clientele in many different situations.

We have done work for hospitals, nature centers, restaurants, corporations and Churches as well as hundreds of private individuals. Although a high concentration of our work has been in the Mid West, we have traveled extensively and because of our time exhibiting with such prestigious groups as the American Craft Council, we have work in every part of the country. Smaller pieces have often been carried or sent abroad by Americans wishing to share a distinctive gift with foreign hosts.

We approach our craft diligently and respectfully, always trying to devise ways to please both our clients and ourselves. We make every effort to create works that will stand the test of time, pieces that will be passed to future generations, not abandoned to flea markets. We have made thousands of etchings that are 2x2” and we have made entire walls of glass. We approach every job, no matter how large or small with the same attitude.
Bird Panels on the Studio Porch
Bird Panels on the Studio Porch
Krauski Art Glass Studio
Krauski Art Glass Studio

Where We Are

Our studio is located in the beautiful kettle moraine area of Southeastern Wisconsin, which often serves as an inspiration. The building itself is a civil war era structure originally built to house the general store of the tiny and historic hamlet of Monches.
See Contact Us for map and directions.

About Our Greeters

Goldie and Charlie are our official greeters. Both of them are rescue dogs. They are interested in everything that goes on in the studio and would love to meet you.