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class pieces

Learn to make one of these 9x9” panels in a one day class.

Projects can be completed in your choice of colors. Please choose general color families, not precise shades. Blues and greens, not peacock blue and sage green.This can be great bonding experience for groups of friends or family members. But just as many have taken the class alone.

No tools or additional materials are required. Classes start at 10:00 am with a break for lunch at ABOUT 1pm. Lunch is not included in the class price. Bring your own or cross the road to Ox and Cat's for a good burger or salad. You will normally complete your project between 4 and 5 o'clock.

This class will teach you the basics of the Tiffany (copper foil) stained glass process. You will learn to cut glass, copper foil the pieces, solder, frame and finish with a patina. Classes are limited to 4-7 students.

We will hold classes on the third Saturday of the month if we have an adequate number of students. However, if you have a group of  5 or more, we might be able to make alternate arrangements. Anyone 15 years of age and up can take the class. You will need a bit of  hand and arm strength and the ability to stand for several hours at a time.

The Fee for a class is $95.00 plus tax. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $40. You will leave empowered with a new set of skills as well as a piece of glass art you made yourself.


Possible dates for upcoming classes:
to be announced.

Quotes from past students

“It was a great experience. Now I’m trying to choose the right spot to hang my glass. I’m thinking about a location that gets the afternoon sun. Keep me posted on additional classes. I really think you gave me a good basis to work with; enough to experiment a bit on my own and I thank you for that.”
-Kathy Popa

“I would recommend them to anyone, as I really enjoyed doing it. I'm still trying to decide where to hang my piece. I thought I had it all figured out, but then found another window that it looks awesome in. Can't wait to have it hanging so we can enjoy it. My husband and kids were pretty impressed with it - thanks for all of your help.”  - Suzy Krebs

“Thank-you, Mary & Bob. for a wonderful, great, super and tremendous experience. I feel you both did a great job and the project was perfect.  My girls show everyone my project as soon as they enter our home.” 
- Marianne Harvey

For more info
call Mary at 262-966-7500 or


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